Why “Preaching the Gospel” is Both a Show and Tell Ministry

Homeless, poor, hungry man with sign asking for help with food or money.

It struck me this week reading Luke 9 that everywhere Jesus went, as he taught people about God and his kingdom, that he also met physical needs.

Sometimes it was giving food. Sometimes healing. Sometimes exorcism. Sometimes physical touch…

The Conversation Christians in America Need to Have

A person trying to get through their depression looking out a window

There is a massive conversation that needs to happen within Christianity in America right now. More specifically, within the evangelical movement.

It will be a messy conversation with too many topics to cover. Nationalism and racism are priorities. But I don’t think these top the list. What does?



James Pruch

James writes about faith, culture, and leadership. When he’s not writing you can find him with his family or watching old Husker football highlights on YouTube.

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